Mystical Attraction

Meet Your Power Animal

April 27, 2021 Episode 38
Mystical Attraction
Meet Your Power Animal
Show Notes

In this episode, Kiera-louise shares her story about how she met her Spirit Guide. She also shares a short meditation on how you can meet your animal guide. Learn what it means to awaken to your essence.

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About Kiera-Louise:
My name is Kiera-louise Harrison, Founder & CEO of KLMA Makeup Academy & Rise Alchemy. I am an award-winning Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Educator & Conscious Life & Business Coach. I am Unapologetically ambitious and aim to pave the way for myself and others to rise. Although Makeup and business is my technical background. The Self-development side of my biz is my soul's work, my contract, and combining all three together is my mission. Spirituality has always been a huge part of my life that infuses naturally now with everything I do. Of all the roads I have travelled, I can safely say the journey back to myself has been the most magnificent. I encourage others to live from their hearts, even in times that often defies logic, and have learned to honor my own intuitive guidance always.

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