Mystical Attraction

Communicate With Your Pets

May 17, 2021 Episode 41
Mystical Attraction
Communicate With Your Pets
Show Notes

Learn how to communicate & understand your pets! Tips for helping your pets release negative energies that they pick up on.

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About Emma:
Emma grew up in the corporate and government worlds. Never knowing what she wanted to do she followed in her Dad’s footsteps and went into law enforcement. After a short stint she went into the corporate world and recently transitioned into working for herself, pivoting completely. She has worked for big companies: the United States Secret Service, Nike and Apple, but always felt like her impact was meant to be more meaningful and bigger than what she was doing. It was through her personal development journey that she found her way to her current calling, Animal Communication and Healing and Human Design.
Now she lives within her Human Design and creates the impact that she has been longing for all those years. She gives a voice to the voiceless and helps animals and their owners create a deeper, more rooted understanding in their relationship while bringing healing to the animal as well. She also works with individuals, couples and groups in Human Design where understanding your (and your partners, colleagues, family, friends, etc.) blueprint sets you free from the box and chains of conditioning and brings compassion to yourself as well as to those around you. This is the work she was put on this Earth to do and she loves every second.

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