Mystical Attraction

Hypnosis & Manifesting Money

June 07, 2021 Episode 46
Mystical Attraction
Hypnosis & Manifesting Money
Show Notes

Hear how Ferryn manifested $10,000! Learn all about hypnosis and how it can accelerate your manifesting powers.

Tired of getting up for the same job every day that drains your energy?
You don't have to live that way.  If you're ready to step into your purpose & passion and live your life in alignment with your true desires & values book a free breakthrough session.

About Ferryn:
"I’m an Integrative Hypnotist and Transnational Coach.
I work with people to reset their nervous systems to manifest their best life.
Have you ever tried to do manifesting or tried positive affirmations and felt that they didn’t work? Well, there’s a reason for that, and the secret to achieving your goals and manifesting what you want lies in your nervous system (yes, you read that right— your nervous system ). If you’d like to know more about hypnosis, transformational coaching, and manifesting, I love to chat. "

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