Mystical Attraction

Healing Bone Cancer With Meditation

May 10, 2021 Episode 40
Mystical Attraction
Healing Bone Cancer With Meditation
Show Notes

A must-listen episode! Crystal was using over 100mg of morphine after struggling with bone cancer and severe pain. Nothing was slowing down the cancer until she discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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About Crystal:
Crystal Carothers is a freelance writer, blogger, and college writing instructor. Today she shares her incredible journey of recovery from a rare bone cancer that left her unable to walk, stand or sit for a period of time. Refusing the conventional treatment of a debilitating surgery, Crystal went on her own healing path following her intuition, encountering divine guidance and using meditation along with the power of her mind to heal. Today she is able to surf, bike, hike, and do all the things her doctors never thought possible. She writes more about her experience in her blog

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