Mystical Attraction

May Tarot Reading!

May 03, 2021 Episode 39
Mystical Attraction
May Tarot Reading!
Show Notes

Listen in for your month of May tarot reading with Emily!

Is there a voice inside your head asking...
"Is there more?"
"What am I here on this earth to do?"
"What is my purpose?"
Then you're ready to step into your calling and start living a fulfilled & free life.
I can help you get there - book a free breakthrough session and let's get you on your path to purpose.

About Emily:
Emily is a Tarot reader also known as Solar Sister Tarot. Now based in Manchester UK, her journey began in London when she picked up a pack of tarot cards as an exercise when training as an actor at drama school. 8 years later, during a global pandemic, Tarot reappeared in her life and she began to teach herself. She quickly found she had an influx of clients with plenty of questions and the rest is history! She likes to share information about Tarot, crystals, and astrology on her Instagram, take the fear factor out of Tarot, and injecting some comedy and fun!

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