Mystical Attraction

Cravings of the Soul & Mala Beads

May 27, 2021 Episode 44
Mystical Attraction
Cravings of the Soul & Mala Beads
Show Notes

Listen as Sarah tells her story of manifesting through the "McDonald's drive-through"!

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About Sarah:
My name is Sarah. I am a nurse, mom, coach, and yoga teacher. My passion is helping people navigate times of transition in their lives and their health so they get clear, capable, and confident on their journey. I am inspired by adventure, nature, and creativity. I believe we are all well-beings capable of living the life we dream of! I am heavily meditated (and caffeinated;) to stay centered and engaged in my day. My favorite type of meditation is with mala beads and mantras or affirmations. I come alive when I get to teach people how to make and use these beautiful tools. I also make mala beads for special orders! I believe the breath can bring us to the moment. My hope is to provoke curiosity and self-inquisition in what you think, how your body feels, and what you choose to do."

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