Mystical Attraction

Hoʻoponopono Prayer

July 06, 2021 Episode 50
Mystical Attraction
Hoʻoponopono Prayer
Show Notes
Jess shares how the Ho'oponopono prayer has transformed her life from drugs & alcohol to living in alignment on her soul's paths. She also shares amazing manifestation stories that you must hear!

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About Jess:
Jessie is a wife, mother, compassionate lover of all humans, and an accomplished self-love seamstress. She has woven together the beautiful tapestry of her life with daily rituals and self-care practices that she has cultivated over many years in search of the light within.   Moving to the island of Hawaii to work as a nurse during the pandemic, she encountered her life's purpose: guiding others to the light that she herself discovered on her own soul journey.  She works to assist people in unlocking their own karmic laws; achieving this goal through deep-forgiveness work and practices of letting go.  Nothing brings her more joy than sharing these gifts with others to empower, cultivate awareness and raise the vibrations of all humanity.

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