Mystical Attraction

Numerology & Changing Names

July 19, 2021 Episode 52
Mystical Attraction
Numerology & Changing Names
Show Notes

Novalee shares all about numerology! Learn how she helps people change their names based on the frequency of numbers. A fascinating episode!

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About Novalee:
Novalee Wilder is a Danish actress and artist turned professional numerologist and writer living in Los Angeles. From twelve-step programs to internationally acclaimed professional training and Balinese mask workshops, she has explored personal growth techniques and the keys to understanding and illuminating the human condition through all her work. Yet, the years of training pale in comparison to the life-altering experience of changing her name with the help of numerology. Blown away by the potency and accuracy of this ancient esoteric tool, she studied for years and is now an expert within her field.

Novalee is the author of A Little Bit of Numerology, the host of The Numerology Podcast, and the founder of The Numerology School.  She offers 1:1 name change sessions, mentorship, training, and talks about the sacred spiritual science of numbers and letters.

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