Mystical Attraction

Agape Prayer Warrior

July 27, 2021 Episode 53
Mystical Attraction
Agape Prayer Warrior
Show Notes

Debra and I speak about Agape prayer, nutrition, and the power of morning routines! Tune in until the end to listen to a beautiful prayer.

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About Debra: 
Debra is a Life Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Intuitive Oracle Reader, Agape Prayer Warrior, Reiki Practitioner, Book Author, Award-Winning Raw Food Chef.  
Lately, she has been into wild edible foraging, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and sacred sensuality.
She is writing her next two books:  one, a collection of raw food recipes from over the years, and the other, the story of my own journey, through healing, spirituality, sexuality, food, intentional community, race and culture, and more.  
She is also working on some group coaching programs, and makes award-winning Raw Chocolate!
She is here to help raise the frequency and bring the community together across different backgrounds, to co-create the New Earth.  She especially loves working with GenZ + Starseeds, but has friends and clients of all ages!

Connect with Debra:
To stay in touch, you can visit and sign up for your FREE e-copy of Morning Rituals Playbook:  25 Ideas to Create Peace + Balance in Your Life.

FB:  Debra Jill Mazer or Debra Mazer

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