Mystical Attraction

Take Your Power Back + Tarot Reading

August 02, 2021 Episode 54
Mystical Attraction
Take Your Power Back + Tarot Reading
Show Notes

Mary talks about channeling light language, her trauma release at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat, and how to take your power back from your past. An important message to stop hiding in the shadows and embrace your feminine nature. She then shares a month ahead Tarot reading for August!

Finally, say goodbye to your 9-5!
Together let's get crystal clear on your calling and create a roadmap to get there.
Step by step - I've got you along the way!
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About Mary:
With no models for such practices, Mary Haberski was into all things witchy as a young child. She could be found running naked through the woods in the rain, burning incense and spell candles in the trees, and breaking rocks open to see the crystals inside that she loved so much. She was born an empath with sensitivity to energies physical and non-physical. At age 14 she bought her first deck of oracle cards and recall practicing yoga long before she knew what it was. It has been Mary's honor to teach, heal and inspire 10’s of thousands of people globally through yoga, meditation, energy healings, and tarot readings. She is also the CEO and Founder of the 501c3 ocean conservations and sustainability non-profit Daana Blue. She was awarded the Global Woman Award for Inspiration and has also been featured on Girl Central Television, Voyage LA Mag, Shoutout LA, The Inertia, The Fabulous, Female Creatives, The Amplified, Yoga Audacious, Exceed Evolution, DOT Music. She is a speaker and mentor for the Skillify panel and has been on The Modern Sacred Circle and Abundance Secrets Podcast.

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